Stay Safe When Dealing with Garage Door Torsion Springs


Consumers know that they can enjoy great savings by doing much of their home repair work on their own, however there is one item that should be left to the professionals. This is of course garage door torsion spring replacement and repair. Torsion springs commonly found in a variety of home garage door units can cause damage and injury if not handled correctly. That is why garage door spring replacement Garland homeowners trust in terms of safety is what our respected company delivers. Anyone who is not professionally trained in the proper handling of torsion springs should never attempt to replace a spring on their own.

Garage door torsion springs can cause serious Injury, and should be handled with great care and safety in mind.

Springs used for garage doors can be hazardous because of the potential energy they contain. If that tightly wound energy is released at the wrong time or in the wrong way, a dangerous situation could present itself. Damage and injury have resulted in the past because an inexperienced individual decided to attempt a torsion spring repair on their own. A torsion spring uses its energy to lift large heavy garage doors and as such has the potential to cause considerable damage and injury. Stay safe - call a pro. Typically, a standard torsion spring will be expected to perform at a predetermined level.

For example, this type of standard spring is usually rated at around 10,000 cycles. This implies that your door can be raised and lowered this number of times before a torsion spring should be replaced.

Heavy-duty Garage Door Springs

Heavy-duty springs on the other hand are rated to deliver well in excess of the standard 10,000 cycles. Each heavy-duty torsion spring offers a different rating. Our friendly staff and customer service representatives will work with you to find the spring rating that fits your budget and service needs. Garage Door Torsion springs do a lot of heavy lifting over the course of their life cycle and that is why proper installation by a skilled and experienced technician is so important.

Some things are just better left for the pros

This is one home repair job that is best put in the hands of a professional. From end bearing plates, to drums and cables we have your garage door needs covered.
In addition, a garage door can often become out of balance with respect to its weight and the tension setting on the torsion spring.
We specialize in torsion spring adjustment and recommend you call us when your door is out of balance.
The garage door spring replacement Garland homeowners have come to respect and trust is always a phone call away. Call our friendly and knowledgeable staff today and schedule a free in-home estimate.

Our free estimates are detailed and precise, so you know exactly where you stand long before work begins. All garage door work is guaranteed and comes with a full warranty. When a garage door fails or needs repair, Garland knows where to turn. With years of experience and a trusted track record we deliver service in ways that brings us many satisfied return customers.

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